Individuals & Families

Families and Individuals aspire to have a perfect financial plan; however commitments to a busy work week, community involvement and their children’s schedules hinder that goal.

Families and Individuals that find our service of greatest value are committed to the process of protecting and securing their financial well-being. Their ages range from their late 20s to mid-50s and they are employed in a variety of professions. They are looking for an understanding advisor that they can build and grow a long-term trusting relationship with.

Secure your financial future.

Personalized Needs Analysis

Common Concerns

  • RRSP’s
  • Non-Registered Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Tax Sheltered investments
  • Education planning
  • Debt Management
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection (Disability Insurance)
  • Long-Term Care
  • Critical Illness
  • Tax efficient investment portfolios
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate and Capital Gains Taxation
  • Investments other than your business


No, diversifying by financial institution does not guarantee a diversified portfolio. We use a third-party portfolio analyzer that takes a snap shot of all your investment holdings at all institutions and gives you a complete report including over-lap, asset allocation, and geographical analysis to ensure proper diversification.
We will take a look at your current, future and estate tax projections. Our team along with your accountant will identify unique tax saving strategies. A special part of that team is our tax and estate planning specialist that can help analyze your tax situation at no additional cost to you.
Click on the link below to read Chad’s article on the Certified Financial Planning website learning centre.
There are three types of life insurance (Term, Participating (Whole Life) and Universal Life) and all three have their proper place in a financial plan. Depending on what stage of life you are at, and after assessing your needs we can help you determine which type of product or combination will be the most cost effective and appropriate.
No, our planning process is designed to save you time. We will identify the top priorities and address them first. We do find that if we go through our planning process we are able to give you better overall advice.
Every client situation is unique and requires different solutions and services. There are 3 different ways that we can be compensated: 1. Fee for service structure. 2. Compensated through the financial products that you purchase (commission). 3. A combination of both (fee for service/commission). We will discuss and disclose the best arrangement for you and your plan in our initial meeting.