Business Owners

Business Owners are faced with a variety of complex issues.

The amount of time they have to focus on solving them is limited. The predominant business owner who finds our services of most value is generally between the ages of 30 and 65 years old, employs less than 100 employees, and is committed to a planning process. The business can be at a variety of stages; just starting up, in the process of growing or winding down. They are looking for a team of educated and trustworthy advisors to save them time and money.

Secure your financial future.

Personalized Needs Analysis

Common Concerns

  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Key Person Protection
  • Succession Planning
  • (Death, Disability, Retirement)
  • Business Debt Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Getting money out of my business for retirement
  • Investments outside of your business
  • Group Insurance
  • (Health, Dental, Life, Disability)
  • Pension Plans and Group RRSP Programs
  • Liquidation
  • Family Protection (Income Replacement)
  • Estate Equalization
  • Estate and Capital Gains Taxation
  • Investments other than your business


No, our planning process is designed to save you time. We will identify the top priorities and address them first.
Winding down ones life’s work is an important and complex decision. Utilizing our exclusive planning process and tax and estate planning specialist, you will gain specialized advice that will give you the confidence and knowledge to make the right decision.
Comprehensive tax planning requires one to analyze both your personal and business tax situations. Our team along with your accountant will identify unique tax saving strategies. A special part of that team is our tax and estate planning specialist that can help analyze your tax situation at no additional cost to you.
No, our team consults with your professional advisors to ensure all aspects (tax, investment, insurance) of your financial plan are working together.
There are three types of life insurance (Term, Participating (Whole Life) and Universal Life) and all three have their proper place in a financial plan. Depending on what stage of life you are at, and after assessing your needs we can help you determine which type of product or combination will be the most cost effective and appropriate.
Yes, through employee benefit plans, pension plans, group RRSP’s, and profit sharing, we can help you maximize the investment you are committing to your employees.
Every client situation is unique and requires different solutions and services. There are 3 different ways that we can be compensated: 1. Fee for service structure. 2. Compensated through the financial products that you purchase (commission). 3. A combination of both (fee for service/commission). We will discuss and disclose the best arrangement for you and your plan in our initial meeting.
Disability and Critical Illness Insurance are two of the most misunderstood concepts of financial planning and are a very valuable part of your plan. Our planning process will help identify whether an individual, association, or employer benefits plan are best suited to your needs.